Small Living Room Space Saving Tricks

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In this difficult world not everyone is blessed to have a mansion like house and a luxury of living life in grandeur. For those who aren’t blessed with such they have to deal with living in tight spaces. So therefore they must find ways and means on how they can have a comfortable life living in small spaces.

Double Duty Furniture

When living in small space quarters the number one dilemma is how to arrange the furniture in a way that it doesn’t make everything look so cramped and full. The trick here is finding the right kind of furniture that can do many things at once. For instance an ottoman that also doubles as a storage bin. It’s an added seat for guests and family members at the same time you can storage unnecessary clutter.

If the living room and the dining is only divided by a thin wall why not remove the wall and replace with floor to ceiling open shelves. It can provide a good portion between the two different rooms at the same time you can make use of it as a display case for all or some of your knick knacks.

A Wise Choice

If your space is really small and you choose big furniture like sofas and coffee tables. It’s okay as long as you stick with about 3 to 4 pieces. However an assortment of small stuffs here and there can eventually make a small room look more crowded than ever.  An example would be is to ditch that big center table and make do with a small coffee table that you can place at the end of your sofa set.

Proper lighting is also very important. If you already have a small space, try to use a warm glow, something that resembles the natural light from outside. This can help the place look spacious. Another thing about small spaces is to avoid clutter. Always make the place neat and tidy.

Small spaces shouldn’t stop you from decorating any room of your house. You just need to think through about the designs and styles so that you will be able to maximize your space wisely. Try to experiments on new designs until you find what suits your style.