How to Make Your Home Smell Good from Your Kitchen

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A crisp, rustic smell that is reminiscent of fall is a great scent for a relaxing atmosphere. Instead of purchasing synthetic aerosols or air gels, you can create your very own natural and homemade recipe from just boiling a pot over the oven. There are many varieties of pot air freshener recipes; you can even come up with your own.

This simple recipe is great because of its earthy undertone yet crisp and clean citrus scent. You’ll need whole cloves, a sliced orange, apple peels, 4 cinnamon sticks and 2 tablespoons of vanilla. Fill half of your pot with water; a deeper pot is better as it slows the evaporation down while retaining the strong scent.

Bring to a very low heat, just to keep the water hot, but not to boil. This pot can last up to an entire day, even longer if you keep the heat to an exceptional low. This cheap and natural alternative can improve your own in terms of reducing costs, being environmentally safe and smelling wonderful.


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