Make a Small Bathroom Look Big

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Most of the condominium units have small bathrooms that it can only fit a toilet bowl and a very small shower area. This may be inconvenient for some because there is nowhere to put toiletries to. How can this part of the unit be more useful?

There is no need for remodeling; a small bathroom may look big by strategically installing hanging cabinets. These hanging cabinets may be used to store clean bath towels, supply of shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and bathroom tissue, and so on. This hanging cabinet will now be the storage for toiletries. Under the hanging cabinet, one can also install a long rod that can hold at least two regular sized towels. Accentuate the bathroom by adding vertical striped curtains on the windows and a classy basket for dirty clothes. The basket can be hanged beside the long rod where the towels are.

Remodeling is costly. Decorating is fun. Use your imagination to transform the small bathroom to look big serving its purpose.