Remodeling a Not so Perfect Bathroom

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When renting a house there are things you can do to improve its look and condition. Remodeling or renovating can be quite expensive so only do so if you really think that it’s the only opinion.  If it is in fact the only option to make this room suit your preference the first thing that you need to do is to know what you and your family needs. From here you can move forward with the planning.

The Basic Steps

Once you know what you need, plan on it and then implement it. The few basic things are whether you will put a shower or a tub. But if you do have a large space you can also consider putting both the shower and a tub. Sink is also an essential part of this room. The flooring is also important. You might want to stick with something that is okay to get wet occasionally and doesn’t get slippery. Next important thing is the storage space.  Since you need cabinets and drawers to put all your bathroom essentials like towels this is also something that you need to look into.

Big Space Vs. Cramp Style

Not all are privilege to have a huge size bathroom. Some actually make do with a small one. if you have a big space, good for you. You can add up more things that suits your styles. However if you have a small one, no need to worry, you can still make it look good. But if that is the case, maximizing your space is an essential thing to do. So instead of getting two vanities or cabinets you can do with one and make a wall mounted cabinets to store other toiletries.

A Taste for Designs

The bathroom is one place you can actually de-stress so might as well make it look nice and cozy. You don’t need expensive imported tiles for flooring. Tiles from your local store can be the perfect choice, with a huge variety of color to choose from. Adding few additional touches can liven up a dull looking bathroom. A splash of color for the shower curtain, wall decals or personalized shower heads and handles can totally make a big difference.

Its true that a house reflect the personality of the owner that is why is pretty necessary to keep it looking good and neat at all times. Decorating it is but one way to add your style to it.