Revamp Your Walls with Cornstarch and Fabric

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Color can make a big difference in a room; the most common color we see on the wall is white. Although white is a classic color, it can get boring sometimes. If you’re living in a rented home, or you’re afraid of committing to painted wall color, and good wallpaper is cheap, you can always opt for temporary “wallpaper” using just cornstarch and light weight fabric.

First you’ll need a few things, cornstarch, light weight fabric, sponge and a pan or plate. Make sure the wall is clean from any dirt or residue. Mix cornstarch and water, half and half, in a pan until you get a gloppy consistency. Smooth the fabric unto the wall, making sure to leave an inch or two on the edges to be cut later, use a tack to hold the fabric in place. Apply the cornstarch mixture from the top to the bottom, covering the entire surface, making sure to get rid of air bubbles. The fabric leftover around the edges should be cut after the wall has completely dried, to avoid any uneven shrinkage.

When you’re ready to peel off the “wallpaper” just pry on corner loose and gently peel, if it doesn’t peel off right away, dab water unto the surface. This “wallpaper” trick can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, office and living room to brighten up any atmosphere.