Small Bathroom: Saving Space and Money

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People love having a spacious bathroom. In fact, there are big houses wherein the bathroom is so big and comfortable that people can even sleep in it. However, the challenge starts when the bathroom is too small. However, with a little ingenuity, even a small space can be turned into the perfect bathroom.

One sure way to save money on a small bathroom is DIY or do-it-yourself projects. Some of great money-saving ideas are embellished shower curtains, making rustic towel bars from scrap wood planks, crate shelves from scrap woods which are also space savers, stenciled ceilings, sink skirts which can hide the clutter under the sink from guests’ view and also adds beauty to the bathroom depending upon the design, color, and pattern of the sink skirt, recycled towel rugs, and using textured wallpaper for the vanity.

These are ways on how to make a small bathroom look better and bigger without shelling out much money.