The After Halloween Laundry

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After your kids have done trick or treating it’s time for you to face the trick of the Halloween and that is the costume laundry horror that awaits you. If you think that these kids are only going to wear them once a year think twice because they are probably going to wear them during their play time. Kid’s love to imagine and being creative, and costumes make their imaginations believable.

Chocolate stains

Try soaking them is lukewarm water for thirty minutes to remove the oils in the fabric then rinse. Soak it again in warm water with a teaspoon of dish soap and white vinegar. Rinse it thoroughly and repeat the procedure until the stain is gone before proceeding to launder it.

Costume make up

Sometimes makes-ups can get into clothes while they try to remove it. Only use make-up products that that are washable. Soak the stained cloth is warm water with detergent in 30 minutes before scrubbing the stain then rinse.

Don’t forget to treat the costumes with fabric conditioner right after the launder to give them a fresh and clean smell.

Your kids will be happy knowing that the costumes they soiled were as good as new as the first time they wore them.