How to Tidy up the Living Room

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Most families spend countless of hours all sprawled out in the living room. Since this is the most versatile room in the house all sort of activities can be done in this. You can watch movie or your favorite TV shows here. The family can also eat snacks here, play video games or games like UNO, Monopoly or Scrabble or entertain guests. And since it’s one of the most used room it also have a tendency to be the dirtiest part of the house. And a dirty environment can and might lead to a few health complications.

Rule Number One

Keeping a room or even a corner tidy even for a couple of minutes is a little impossible especially if you have children inside the house. So the first rule is to keep the things you put out after you are finish using it. its really a very easy rule, even toddlers wont have a hard time understanding it. That means when you play with the cards, once you’re finish with it simply return it back to its proper place. And if you brought a glass from the kitchen to the living room, return the glass as well once you’re done with it.

Rule Number Two

Carpets and couches are better with a little darker color. Some may not agree to this but a dark color couch will definitely hide the dirt and dust from everyday’s use. However if you still chose to put chairs, sets other things in lighter colors, better cover it up with a simple sheet to give it a little protection. As for the carpet, vacuum it at least every day to remove accumulated dusts. Wiping surface with an antibacterial or germ free solution is also a big help.

One thing that we all need to remember is that keeping the house neat and clean is one sure way to avoid the spread of bacteria and germs that carries disease and infections. A little dusting, sweeping and mopping can effectively remove all dust, grime that can be harmful to our health. Another thing is that the appearance of a house clearly reflects the personality and the way of living of the person living inside it.