Complete Home Security

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Securing a private residence is every homeowner’s first priority. The family deserves to feel safe once they come inside, and the only to keep them safe is with a home security system. Working with a company like Total Protect keeps the house safe while also lowering the impact on the family budget.

Home security systems come with a variety of options that help homeowners and their families to feel secure. Including any combination of these features in a home security system helps to make everyone feel safe.

Door Alarms

Door alarms are the most common part of any security system. A door alarm lets everyone in the house know when an exterior door has been opened. This is a safety feature that ensures the family knows who is in the house, but it can also help to trip the alarm if intruders break in through an exterior door.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are perfect for the family that does not have pets and wants to keep intruders from moving around their home freely. An intruder may get through a window safely, but a motion sensor will immediately pick them up once they are in the home. These features also help intruders from having free reign if the family is not home.

Security Cameras

Security cameras perfect for families that prefer to see what is going on on their property. The cameras can be outside and inside the house. Plus, the cameras can broadcast their feed to a central monitor or the homeowner’s computer.

These cameras can be placed at the front door, a driveway gate or on the deck. Intruders will not be able to escape the notice of these cameras, and the cameras can be fitted with lights that are triggered by motion.

Glass Break Sensors

Finally, a homeowner can have glass break sensors installed in their home to alert them when a window is broken. The best thief can break a window without making much noise, but the glass break sensor will give them away before they get inside the home.

With each of the components listed above, a homeowner can keep their property safe on a budget. A complete home security system can be a reality for every family.