Maintenance Tips for Your Lawn Mower

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If your lawn mower breaks, it is possible to buy Crafstmen lawn mower parts and fix it. You do not necessarily want to buy a whole new mower. However, wouldn’t you like to keep it from breaking down in the first place? These tips can help you make that a reality.

1. Always clean up the yard before you mow.

You do not want to run over things like rocks and sticks. These can dent or even bend the blades. If they get stuck in the blades, they could burn out the motor. On top of that, the blades could throw them and create dangerous projectiles.

2. Know if you need mixed gas or straight gas.

Older mowers needed mixed gas, so it would contain oil at a set ratio, such as 50:1. Newer mowers often have oil injection setups, so you need straight gas instead. In either case, using the wrong one can be very bad for your machine, so you need to know which is required.

3. Cut the grass frequently.

If you wait too long between cuttings, the grass could get so long that it bogs down the blades. This puts a lot of stress on that motor.

4. Drain the mower in the winter.

You do not want to leave gas in the tank all winter long. Instead, you need to drain it out before you store the machine away. You may even want to add dry gas to the system to make sure that there are no issues.