Planning for Your Own Green Nook

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A garden can be more than just a place for your greenery or a play area for the kids. With a few landscaping adjustments and furnishings you can turn your ordinary garden into a relaxing sanctuary. Creating your own green nook in the backyard can be a fun and challenging project that you can undertake by yourself or with the help of an expert. Placing a few furnishings amidst your greenery can give you a cozy outdoor area where you can chill out. But before trooping down to the home depot outlet or clicking away on the wonderful items at, you may want to plan ahead.

Considering what you have and what you want are the first steps in planning a garden. Your present resources may not match your dream garden needs which can be frustrating. Planning a garden without looking at your existing resources can be a disaster in the making. You can end up with too many items and too little space or extra expenses that you did not plan for. Knowing your strengths and limitations is the best way to start planning a garden.

One basic element of garden design is space. You don’t need acres of land to create a dream garden. A dream garden design can also be translated into small garden spaces with the right set of plants and accents. Dwarf evergreens and flowering hedges can serve as borders for small spaces. Strategically placed plants with different colors and textures can also help create a dramatic effect for your garden.

Furnishings, decorative elements, and lights are other elements that you can place in your green nook. Adirondack chairs are great for patios and gardens. You may also include bird houses, sundials, old jars, and other quirky accents that can make your garden look more interesting. Don’t forget the lights. Stake and pole lights make your garden attractive even at night.