Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Patio

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Creating an outdoor oasis is easy with simple patio upgrades for your home. Your patio is a place of relaxation, and a destination for social interaction. Host parties, cook outdoors and enjoy a leisurely meal right from your patio. Simply adding in a few accents will bring out the best that your backyard has to offer.

Patio Furniture

There are many types of patio furnishings available, from chaise loungers to tables, chairs and market umbrellas. You can outfit your patio with wicker or rattan chairs and patterned cushions. Your umbrella will provide you with much-needed shade on hot summer days while accenting the design and decor of your patio.

Patio and Outdoor Accents

Fire pits, outdoor fireplaces and inflatable movie screens can enhance the quality of living in your outdoor space. Entertain your guests over a crackling fire or host movie night right from your backyard. An outdoor fireplace is an excellent complement to any patio and can provide both warmth and ambiance. You can find great accent pieces as retailers like Patio Living or in online stores.

Rock fountains make an excellent focal piece for any deck or patio and are simple to install. You can purchase a rock column which is a standing structure surrounded by water, or build a small fountain that flows into your garden. The possibilities are endless with fountains.

Landscaping and Lighting

A simple upgrade in landscaping can do wonders for your patio or deck. Plant shrubbery, rose bushes or other flowering plants to create a backyard sanctuary. Red bark chips or mulch can brighten the area, creating an inviting space in your home. A small pond with a few Koi fish creates character and enhances the look and feel of your backyard.

Lighting is a cost effective way to enjoy an instant transformation. Install LED lights at the base of your deck stairs, around the perimeter of your patio and around your pond area. Not only do they make night time entertaining more fun, they also provide a measure of safety. There are great LED lights available that you can stake into the ground if you don’t want to go with hardwired installation.

Upgrading your patio can mean more enjoyment in your home and greater resale value. You can even upgrade by adding steel buildings. By making a few changes to your landscaping and outdoor furnishings, you can enjoy a patio that will bring you hours of enjoyment all summer long.