Upgrade to a green energy efficient central heating system

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Central heating can cost a lot of money to run. Over time the radiators across your home begin to show signs of their age. Of course replacing radiators is not feasible for many homeowners, which is why it is now common practice for households to take out a service plan with their energy provider which covers these types of costs should they arise.

An emerging trend amongst households throughout the UK is to either completely replace hot water radiators or replace with energy efficient electric radiators. With the right infrastructure electric radiators are certainly a more environmentally friendly option. They are perfect appliances for barns, places of work, small rooms, lofts, and conservatories or just anywhere a traditional radiator is not readily available.

Over the duration of a year, electric radiators could save you money on your energy bills

As we all are too aware the price of energy is constantly increasing. Energy companies are continuously pushing up their prices particularly over the winter months and then decreasing their energy prices in the summer creating an almost Jekyll and Hyde type reputation. With many energy companies following this trend, they are all as bad as each other, which is why the general public has such a low opinion of energy companies. It was only a month ago that E.on was ordered to pay £12m for miss selling energy tariffs further tarnishing energy companies with a bad brush.

The biggest energy cost to homeowners is in fact heating. Over the winter months many households struggle to pay their energy bills it was announced in May from research undertaken by comparison site uswitch that four million households owe on average £128 as many struggle to cope with prices hikes of almost £800 in the last 10 years. The UK government is encouraging households to harness a greener home with better insulation, which is a perfect way to help save money on energy bills. Another way you can save money is through an electric radiator.

Electric radiators are 100% efficient, with all electricity used turned directly into heat.

Electric radiators are capable of heating a room in a more energy efficient way that traditional central heating can. The energy needed to heat up the electric radiators and maintain the desired temperature is significantly less than the amount required to boot up a home boiler. My electric radiators are one example and are certainly the best electric radiators money can currently buy. They are cost effective to purchase outright starting at around £169.

Due to the fact that these electric radiators plug straight into an everyday 13amp plug socket, the potential application is near limitless. These appliances are ideal for powering living rooms to barns sheds and garages. They are simple to install and easy to maintain, many of them also come provided with lifetime guarantees.

Electric radiators are emerging in popularity amongst both households and businesses right throughout the UK. The combination of green efficiency levels and low prices makes them an ideal appliance for even the most cash strapped of consumers.