Why Install a Close Coupled Toilet

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The appearance of the bathroom reflects the overall personality of the homeowner. If you want to impress your friends about your newly built home, then you must take a look at choosing the best bathroom fixtures and accessories to make it more appealing and yes, impressive to your house guests.

When it is time for you to replace your worn out toilet, your best option is to install a close coupled toilet which is widely used in modern homes. This toilet is more convenient to use as it defines a complete fixture where its cistern is located on the upper portion of the toilet bowl. It gives the bathroom a neat look since the pipe connection is not visible.

If you have kids around, they don’t have to call you to flush the toilet as the flush buttons are easy to reach for their small hands which are either in the front or the top of the cistern. Home designers would suggest a close coupled toilet as it has a number of benefits to its users. It is sleek, clean and sophisticated which makes it ideal for all types of home designs.

Its streamlined design makes the bathroom look spacious as there are no rusty pipes that stick out from its surroundings. Cleaning the bathroom is made easy because you don’t have to exert much effort and all you need is just wipe its surface after using to avoid watermarks. It is easy to fix when the need arises and the toilet cistern can hold as much water and replenish it quickly without keeping you wait for the next flushing.

This practical toilet design fits all types and sizes of bathrooms, so you don’t have to worry if you live in a country home, a flat or a cottage. The functionality of close coupled toilets has been attracting homeowners since they really solve clutter and they are priced reasonably. If you are cash strapped, this toilet will answer to your home improvement needs.