How to Beautify Wall through Décor

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Our house’s walls are waiting canvass of us, it plays the biggest role in the house. Up to present, there are still a big percentage of houses left with bare colored walls. This is a crime for artistic people. There is so much we can do apart from hanging the “Last Supper” frame, the Stallion and some that don’t blend in.

We can be stylish and playful in redesigning our walls. We can change boring colors to lively ones, blend it with two or more colors and add a twist. We can use brushes that have built in decorations, textured sponges, stick wall papers or install a recycled material. There are a lot of possibilities our walls present to us.

Make a shelf that does not only serve as an organizer but zest it up and use it as a decorative shelf. Frames are not yet outdated, find a vintage one and restore it. Make it as a forest, or a garden full of colorful plants, paint the wall. Add jewels or create mosaic or make an illusion. These are only small but doable ideas that you can do.