How to Find a Good Roofer

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No one wants to have to replace or repair their roof – how bothersome! – But thankfully there are residential and commercial experts that you can call, and they will handle everything with top-notch professionalism…won’t they? Instead of choosing a roofer and crossing your fingers, know what to look for in a good roofer and make your choice with confidence. Here is a quick guide detailing what you can do to confidently hire a roofing company.

Weigh Experience and Feedback Over Price

Experienced roofers who have been in business for years – at least five or more – are your best bet, regardless of whether the new guy on the block quotes you much lower. The guys with experience are certified, have the proper insurance in place so that you don’t have a lawsuit on your hands in the event of an accident, and they will come highly recommended by a vetting organization or person you trust.

Speaking of Recommendations…

Where should you look to see feedback on the worthiness of the roofing company? Your first stop is the Better Business Bureau website, where you can access their standing with this organization and see customer complaints (as well as how these complaints were resolved). Angie’s List has emerged as another reliable source of feedback, so be sure to check over there as well.

Ask for a Proposal

Your experienced roofing professionals like those at should be able to provide you with a hard copy of a proposal that outlines the job – including a price estimate and a time estimate, as well as anything else pertinent to the project. Getting this on paper is important lest you hit a snag along the way and need to reference the roofer’s original statements.

Replacing or repairing your roof is one of the least common expenses a homeowner has to meet, but it is definitely among the most important.