Wood, Aluminum and Vinyl Replacement Windows

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Wood, aluminum and vinyl are three of the most common frames used in replacement windows. Every single one of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, which of these three is a better choice?

1. Wood- This is considered as the most popular material among the three. It provides a classic and attractive look for homes for many centuries now. Although it is economical and efficient to use, wood is prone to rotting, which requires regular maintenance and repainting.

2. Vinyl- This type is quickly gaining popularity nowadays. It is easy to install, affordable and it requires low maintenance. It is also energy efficient because it prevents cold and heat to pass through. There is a wide array of colors and designs available today, however, it cannot achieve the classy look wood can provide.

3. Aluminum- This material is widely used for commercial buildings but also a great option for homes. They are powerful and strong but they don’t usually look good and most of the time, don’t complement the look you want for your home. They are not energy-efficient as heat can easily pass through the frame. However, they are budget-friendly and require little maintenance.

You can choose from these materials when you are planning to install replacement windows. You just need to weigh your options, look into the current situation of your house and your pocket. Make sure that you will come up with the right choice to make your house look more presentable and appealing.