5 Unique And Innovate Prefab Housing Ideas

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For many families in the U.S., owning a home is a critical part of the American dream. After the recent economic crisis as the housing market has rebounded, more and more people are trying to find ways to make this dream a reality. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new home there are more options out there than just the cookie-cutter single-family dwelling.

In fact, in recent years the market for prefabricated homes has become a hot commodity to give you flexibility in design and quality, and green features that are good for the environment. These homes, also known as “modular homes” are much more than the small rectangles they used to be—here are five unique ideas if you are considering a prefab home.

1: Integrated Apartment Living

Traditional apartments are stacked on top of one another, but modular designs today are turning what used to be neighbors above and below you to a community of interwoven units. They have a unique design and appeal and give residents more opportunities for natural light inside the apartments. Plus they allow for several different size apartments to be constructed in the same area, rather than requiring all apartments in a development to have the same layout and square footage.

2: Room With a View

In crowded cities it can be difficult to find places to expand the housing market, but the new LoftCube modular home is designed to sit atop existing buildings and can be moved wherever you go. Imagine wanting to move and not needing to sell your home—you can simply have it transported to a new place of residence. They range from 400 to 600 square feet so they can easily fit on just about any building. Not to mention you’ll have the best views in the city from your rooftop perch.

3: Space-Saving Homes

One of the concepts gaining momentum for many people is minimalism, and the new Ma modular homes are helping people achieve it with their living space. The word “ma” in Japanese highlights a consciousness of space, and the tiny houses are efficient and green, featuring things like energy efficient windows, natural materials, and solar panels.

4: Converted Shipping Containers

What do you do with old shipping containers when they’re no longer useful for transporting goods? Turn them into homes, actually. Architectural designs have turned average shipping containers into amazing homes that are naturally resistant to fire, weather, and pests. If you need more space, these containers are the perfect modular design to be combined into larger homes.

5: Bamboo Houses

Bamboo has long been a popular building material, and today you can even buy prefab bamboo homes. Not only does this material give you a traditional beauty that dates back centuries, it’s environmentally conscious because it’s a fast-growing material that can be quickly renewed and replenished after being used. Homes can be constructed in a matter of days, and arrive in an easy-to-assemble format that includes every aspect of the house from the floors to the roof.