8 Railing Ideas for Your Home

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Who says that your deck railing has to be boring? Add some class, personality, and appeal to your outdoor living space with these eight railing ideas.

1. Lattice

Normally lattice is used as a decorative barrier. However, you can use different styles of lattice to add some flair and more appeal to your deck, without taking away from its function as a barrier.

2. Mix and Match

Regardless of the type of material your deck is made of, you can spruce things up by mixing and matching different accents and décor pieces to create a deck that is visually stunning and unique in appearance. Metal embellishments such as wire railings and beams are great adornments to use to complement your deck’s finish. Many metal deck furnishings require less care and maintenance than wood and composite deck items.

3. Alter the Theme

While the overall look and theme of the home is usually used to determine the decorative approach taken towards an outside deck, it is becoming more acceptable for homeowners to go with the flow instead. For a contemporary styled home, use solid and opaque deck furnishings to increase privacy, value, quality, and uniqueness.

4. Enhance Your Deck’s Current Style

Work with what is already there. Once you have made sure that the dimensions of your deck meet the safety and building codes for your jurisdiction, you can build upon what you have created. Instead of larger think taller and build upward by adding canopies, vertical beams, wire railings, and trendy rail toppers.

5. Caps and Decorative Rails

Decorative rails and end caps are trendy and low cost embellishments that you can use to add some extra dimensions to your deck. With these adornments, your deck will be far from boring and ordinary. The end caps provide additional function and appeal, while the decorative rails are unexpected and help to tantalize the imagination.

6. Monochromatic Colors

Your patio and deck furniture all contribute to the overall look and feel of your deck. If your furniture is colorful and eye-catching, you may want to tone down the rest of your deck to avoid creating chaos and confusion with the theme. In other words, use your furniture as the main focal point and your deck railings as the background to help set the tone.

7. Height and Length

Use a tall lattice or some other type of railing material to add some attractive privacy screening and separation between properties. Long deck railing material can be used to create space and extend the viewing area of the deck.

8. Extensions

Railings are not just for decks, they can be used to enhance the appeal and dimensions of the home. For example, railings can add visual interest and appeal to other focal points of the home that are often overlooked.