Spring Cleaning on a Budget

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Once the snow melts and the temperatures warm up, you may feel like your house could use a good cleaning and a few improvements. Soon, spring cleaning time will be here. You don’t have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on various cleaning supplies and accessories to get the job done. If you follow these few tips, you can give your house a good spring cleaning without busting your budget.

Cleaning Out the Clutter

The best place to start spring cleaning is by taking inventory of your house. If there are items there that you haven’t used in months or know that you will not use in the future, you can gather them up and get rid of them. Getting the clutter out of the way will help your weekly cleaning sessions much easier and it frees up space for you go out and buy the things you love.

This decluttering process can take some time, but it will not cost you a dime. In fact, if you take your unwanted items and donate them to charity, you can get a tax deduction when you file next year’s taxes.

Repurposing for Cleaning

When you are cleaning, you don’t need to have a ton of different products and fancy cleaning tools to get the job done. In fact, many of these tools and products may not clean as well as you want them to. Instead, repurpose old t-shirts into dust rags and create your own all-purpose cleaning product. This type of product can be made from a few simple ingredients that can include water, bleach, lemon juice and vinegar. Making your own product will cost a fraction of what you pay for four or more different types of cleaners at the store.

Where to Splurge

If you are going to spend some money on getting your house in shape for the busy spring and summer months, the best place to use your money is by investing in a good carpet cleaning. There are a number of great rug cleaner Manhattan experts that can provide you with an affordable price and specialized cleaning that you want–such as green cleaning options.