The Tiny House Movement Is Here to Stay

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The unstable economy of the past decade has made many people rethink how they live their lives. It has become apparent to many that there are certain lifestyle choices these days that are simply unnecessary. In the past few years the tiny house movement has exploded in popularity, today there is even a television show dedicated to it. So why are these homes so popular? How can you make yours stand apart? What about furnishing your home? It is all much simpler than you may realize.

Why Are They Popular?

Tiny homes are inexpensive when compared to regular-sized homes and mortgages. According to, typical tiny homes cost only $20,000. While you might choose to plant your small house in a permanent location, many of them are also mobile. People also enjoy the fact that the limited space practically forces them to take advantage of the outdoors around their homes. It also drives homeowners to become somewhat creative with their storage space and floor plans.

How Your Tiny Home Can Stand Apart

Even though your home is tiny, you can still make it stand apart from other tiny houses through architectural details. Add embellishments to your roof. Create the illusion of more space within your home by using the reflective surfaces of aluminum, mirrors, and stainless steel. You can still decorate your home to match your personality. Let your inner artist out with decorations, window styles, siding, and more.

Furnishing Your Tiny Home

You might have to take a little extra time tracking down the right types of furniture and appliances for your tiny home. Due to the limited space, you may not be able to fit a full-sized recliner in your “living area.” In some cases, you might even choose to commission the building of your furniture. Get creative with tables and even beds by using collapsible or foldable furniture that can disappear into the floor, ceiling, or walls when not in use.

Safely Constructing Your Own Home

When constructing your own tiny home, make sure you have clear directions and use durable, safe materials. You need a strong foundation, especially if you plan on making your home mobile. Whatever frame you build the home on needs to be able to support the weight of anyone inside as well as all furniture and possessions.

Make sure you also have the right tools for the job and to wear safety gear during the construction process. Magid Glove often has great deals on construction safety gear. You can save a lot of money by constructing the home yourself, but take the time to do it the right way.

A Beautiful, Minimized Movement

A tiny house is perfect for many different types of people who are looking for a great way to downsize various aspects of their lives. If you’re looking for an affordable way to manage your home expenses, a tiny house may be the solution.