6 Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

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Are you tired of your dull, uninteresting bathroom? Or maybe you just need more room to accommodate an expanding family. Whatever your reasons for considering a bathroom remodel, here are just seven tips to make it as easy and painless as possible. When remodeling your bathroom, there will be an extensive amount of created waste. Hire a professional junk removal company to dispose of the trash responsibly.

1. Don’t Touch the Plumbing

Leave your pipes where they are. It will take thousands of dollars and weeks of work to move them, so make all your changes around your sinks, tubs and showers. You can still refurbish and re-purpose their exteriors; just don’t venture inside the walls.

2. Think About Resell Value

Before you install those brass fixtures, consider the fact that you may sell your home some day, and stainless steel is by far the most favored material among buyers. You should also consider the fact that extensive changes to your bathroom’s infrastructure might effect your property value. Even if you are not currently considering selling, this is a good investment that will end up paying dividends when you do decide to move to a new home.

3. Lights Are Critical

A simple change in lighting can transform the entire atmosphere of your bathroom. If you’ve been toying with the idea of a remodel but aren’t quite sure if you’d like to fully commit, try experimenting with the lights first. For example, you might install a skylight or accent lights. See if you enjoy the changes you bring.

4. Understand Tile Variety

Not all tiles are created equally. Porcelain, for example, is easy to clean, but it can also be slippery when wet. Textured tiles will have more grip, but they’re generally more expensive too. Make a list of pros and cons when deciding between the various types of floor tiles.

5. Customize Your Vanity

You’ll spend the majority of your morning routine in front of your bathroom vanity, so don’t be afraid to personalize it. For example, you might want to install light bars over the mirror for flawless makeup application, or you might want to build a double-bowled sink for his-and-her use.

6. Know Your Chemicals

When caulking a new or renovated bathroom, look for a mixture that contains acrylic elements. This will ensure that everything is easily removable for your next remodeling project. You might also want to apply a mildewcide over your tile to protect it from nasty growths over the years.

These are just seven things to keep in mind when renovating your bathroom. For more ideas, including sinks and vanities that you can buy right now, check out sites like Decor Planet (https://www.decorplanet.com/view-all-bathroom-vanities).