7 Ways to Use Casters In Your Home

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Casters are a great way to add mobility to your household furniture and garage tools. Here are just seven things on your property that would be even better with wheels.

1. Toolboxes

If you have a large, heavy toolbox holding all your saws and drills, you can completely transform your garage by adding casters on its underside. You’ll never again be stuck at your workbench when you can simply wheel your toolbox wherever you need it to go.

2. Desks

Never underestimate the power of a mobile desk, especially if you’re a college student trying to squeeze every inch out of a small dorm room. A desk with wheels will allow you to move it every time you need to rearrange things for a new roommate or a group study session.

3. Bookcases

Bookcases are necessary but cumbersome things. Have you ever considered putting wheels on them so they can be moved more easily between bedrooms or reading nooks? You can even move your bookcase into the sunroom during particularly gorgeous days.

4. Storage Bins

Wheeled storage bins will allow you to organize your entire home without back-breaking labor. Simply load them up with clothes, toys or out-of-place knickknacks; then wheel them into the right room where you can put them back where they belong.

5. Home Entertainment Systems

Do you have wireless technology in your home theater? Consider adding casters to your television stands and holding platforms. Without any cords to tangle, a wheeled home will allow you to customize movie night for maximum sound or picture.

6. Laundry Baskets

Laundry is tiring work, especially when you’re doing multiple loads. Instead of huffing and puffing your way to the laundry room, however, consider installing casters on your laundry basket. They won’t require superhuman strength anymore. You’ll only need a simple tug to transport pounds and pounds of wet clothes.

7. Vanities

Are your twin girls constantly fighting over possession of their vanity tale? Put casters on the bottom so they’ll stop arguing. They can trade it off between them when they want to use it, and it won’t permanently belong to anyone’s “side” of the bedroom.

If you’re tired of being in one place while you work, study or clean, consider putting casters on some of your household goods. Check out this website to learn more about the many different types of caster and how they can be used.