Tips for Maintaining Your Skylight

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Having skylights in Sydney or anywhere else gives a lot of benefits for the building or home owner. Not only does it produce a bigger, more spacious vibe for the area, it can also save you a lot of money for the electric bill. As with any other fixture in the house, the skylight needs maintenance for longevity. Here are several tips that you should know and follow regularly.

Clean the Interior, Not Only the Exterior

Most installers will agree that the skylight needs little cleaning, especially the exterior part. Rain will do the job of eliminating the dirt for you. However, it is still advisable to wipe the interior with a soft cloth with water and soap to maintain its appearance. The same can be done for the exterior, though be careful not to do it around 1 to 3pm or when the sun is at its highest to prevent damaging the glass. Glass cleaners can also be used to attain that shiny, clear effect.

Check for Any Leaks and Debris

Skylights are very durable, but it is not immune from leaks. Because of the nature of its design, it is hard to be sure if it is leaking, but you can still monitor it by inspecting the drywall. If it is wet and has damages, you can expect that there is a problem with your skylight. The roofer can handle this easily, so instead of repairing it yourself, call them.

Get Help from the Experts

Speaking of roofers, it is always better to hire them rather than performing a do it yourself repair or replacement. Skylights are different from your ordinary shingles. It needs skilled hands and knowledge that can only be attained through training and experience. If there is a problem with your skylight, skip DIY and go directly to people who know what they are doing.

Regular maintenance can improve the lifespan of your skylight. When performed correctly and at a schedule, you can expect to use it for a long period of time. That goes for its benefits as well, not only for the lighting it brings, but the amount of savings you can get.