The Quiet Rise Of Corporate Charity

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Giving to charity has always been the right thing to do, whether on the part of the private individual, the state or Federal government, or the businessman, large or small. However, in the past few decades, the level of corporate charity that is given to organizations all across the world has risen to truly unprecedented levels. In fact, a sizable percentage of all money donated to some of the world’s most recognizable and effective charities comes straight from the coffers of corporations.

Giving Back To The World Community

Corporations, large and small, from the chain of bowling alleys in your town to the mighty giants, such as McDonald’s or Walmart, are leading the world in donations given to charities of all types. Meanwhile, corporations are also establishing great charitable foundations in order to make an appreciable difference in the ongoing war against poverty, illiteracy, world hunger, and other evils.

Giving Hope To The World Through Charity

Columbia Utilities and its sister company have recently joined forces with the American Childhood Cancer Organization to form a pair of new initiatives, Columbia Cares and Palmco Cares. These two initiatives have been specially designed and engineered to give a major boost of support to the families of thousands of children and teenagers who are currently struggling with cancer.

Corporations Helping Customers To Help Charity

The two new programs will enable these bold and pioneering companies to help the American Childhood Cancer Organization raise thousands of dollars, simply by enabling a portion of the proceeds from their customers’ bills to go directly to the charity. The ACCO stands to make at least $10,000 by the end of the year, and may well take in a much larger total. There is simply no limit to what human generosity backed by corporate know how can achieve for mankind.

Bold New Charitable Initiatives

These bold new initiatives are only a pair of the many examples of corporate charity that have become a leading reality in today’s fight against hunger, poverty, and disease. Many people choose to scoff at, or simply ignore, these noble efforts on the part of companies to give something tangible back to the community that creates and supports them. However, the fact is that corporate generosity accounts for an extremely large portion of charitable efforts, not only in the United States, but in the world at large.