Easy Ways to Keep a Home Secure from Break-ins

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Today, many people are taking steps to make sure their homes are secure from intruders. They want to know that their families as well as their possessions are safe 24/7. One popular way to improve the security of a home is to install an alarm system. PLE Group is one example of a reliable business that offers alarm systems to homeowners. Check out some other ways individuals are increasing the level of security in their homes.

Timed Lights

Installing timers on exterior lights as well as some interior lights is an easy way to make sure the house is always well lit. For instance, a homeowner may program the exterior lights near the front door to turn on at six o’clock in the evening. A house with an illuminated doorway is a deterrent to any robber who is searching for a residence that looks easy to break into. Plus, a homeowner who comes home later in the evening will have plenty of light to make it safely from the car to the front door. As a note, it’s a good idea for a homeowner to adjust the time on the timed lights about once every two weeks. Consequently, anyone who is thinking about breaking into the house will not see the lights pop on every day at the same time.

Music Playing in a Home

Playing a CD on a continuous loop or leaving on the radio are two other simple ways for people to improve the security of their homes. An intruder who hears music playing inside a home may assume that someone is there. This can discourage the individual from trying to break-in.

Adopting a Dog

Most dogs are aware of the activities going on all around them. A dog in a home is likely to bark, snarl or growl if it hears someone rattling a door handle or trying to break a lock. A dog’s resonant bark is enough to scare many robbers and intruders away from a residence. In short, a homeowner gets extra protection for his or her home while enjoying the company of a lively pet. In addition, an intruder who sees a large dog running around in the backyard of a home is less likely to try to violate that house.

Finally, homeowners who take just a few of these precautions have a good chance of discouraging robbers who are looking for families to victimize.