5 Clever Ways To Repurpose Old Furniture

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A practical option for redecorating your home is making use of the furniture you already have. With a few tools and a bit of know-how, you can repurpose old furniture into a fresh new look. Save some money and unleash your creative side with these furniture makeover ideas.

1. Make over an Old Wooden Door

A wooden door is the perfect size to be converted to a new table. Look for doors with minimal recessed panels so that you have an even surface to work with. Remove old paintwork with a small sander before you varnish or paint the surface – specialist manufacturers such as Ryobi have great battery-operated sanders that are perfect for this job. Once you have the finish right, attach a steel or wood base. You can even use castors for a moveable table option.

2. Convert Your Filing Cabinet

Now that most people store their paperwork digitally, your filing cabinet is probably just taking up space. Take the drawers out, paint the surface and place the cabinet on its side in your shed or garage. You now have a handy storage area for brooms, rakes and other garden tools.

3. Repurpose the Baby’s Crib

No longer need a crib in your home? Instead of selling it, why not convert it to something your children can still use? Take off one of the crib’s sides, remove the mattress and replace with MDF board cut to size. Add some colour by painting the MDF with any colour paint you like – or even use chalkboard paint. Move the base of the crib to the highest setting possible (usually newborn) and boom – you’ve got a desk that performs double duty for craft activities or lego.

4. Turn Your Ladder into a Hanging Rack

If you are lucky enough to have an old timber ladder laying around, this is the perfect repurposing tactic. Sand the ladder and re-varnish or paint it in a dark colour. Once the paint or varnish is dry, the ladder can be used as a hanging rack in almost any room of the house. Hang towels from it in the bathroom or hang it from the ceiling, add hooks and use it for storing pots and pans in the kitchen.

5. Turn Your Bedhead into a Coat Rack

Timber bedheads can be easily converted into a feature piece in your hallway. Remove the old varnish and decorate with either a new coat of varnish or your favourite colour paint. Visit your hardware shop to pick up some coat hooks and an adjustable square if you don’t already have one. The adjustable square helps you evenly space out the coat hooks on the timber edge. Once these are securely screwed into place, fix your coat rack to the wall. The top of your repurposed bedhead makes a great shelf for sunglasses, keys or for storing unopened mail, while the hooks can hold your jackets, handbag, hats and scarves.Repurposing furniture not only saves you from buying new pieces; it also means less furniture going into landfill. Not to mention you get to save heaps on your re-decorating budget! What are some other furnishings that you have re-purposed?