6 Tips for Lowering Your Utility Bills

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How much money would you save in a year if you shaved just five percent off your monthly utility bills? It’s easier than you think. Here are just six tips for cutting your energy costs.

1. Stop Adjusting the Thermostat

Your fiddling costs you more than just leaving the thermostat alone. Pick a temperature in the morning and stick to it: Not only will it lower your utility bills, but it will also save you the constant inconvenience of adjusting it every time you feel just a bit drafty.

2. Unplug Your Electronics

Do you leave your laptop plugged in even when it’s not charging? Do you have lamps plugged in that you never turn on? These little energy eaters can add up to a large whole if your entire house is full of them.

3. Paint Your Roof

Studies have shown that a white roof absorbs less sunlight than a dark roof. This means that your home will cost less to cool with less sunlight being absorbed through its exterior. Paint your roof white and you could save hundreds a year!

4. Buy Energy-Saving Appliances

The next time you’re in the market for a dishwasher or clothes dryer, make sure you’re buying one with the little energy star logo. They use less water and less power to do the same tasks as their counterparts, so you’ll be saving money without changing your routine at all.

5. Choose the Right Utility Company

Look for a company with good prices and a good reputation. It’s no use saving pennies if the brand’s power grid is constantly blacking out! Companies like Columbia Utilities can give you great service and prices that you can afford.

6. Clean Your HVAC Units

The dirtier they are, the more power they need to expend to provide the same level of cooling or heating. To avoid situations where your HVAC units are needlessly overcompensating, make sure you clean them at least once a season. You might also want to call in the professionals every few years for a deep cleaning.

Whether you’re sweltering under the sun or shivering in the coolness of winter, it’s important to keep track of your utility bill so the weather doesn’t eat right through your income. Use these six tips to keep your expenses as low as they can possibly be.