Organize Your Garage with these 10 Tips

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The garage can easily turn into a warehouse of clutter over time, barely leaving space for the car to fit. Keep the mess at bay by using these organizational tips and get your garage into shape.

1. Tin Can Wall Storage: Recycle tin cans from your kitchen by removing labels and then punching a small hole through the side. You can then use them on a peg board by simply hooking them on, providing an ideal place to store paint brushes, spackle knives, and other items that often take up drawer or surface space.

2. Nail and Screw Storage: Collect a few transparent containers — both glass and plastic will work — with screw-on lids. Secure the lids to the underneath side of a wooden shelf. Fill the containers with nails, screws and other similar pieces and screw the container back into its respective lid. Not only can the pieces be easily spotted but it removes the issue of disappearing lids.

3. Bungee Ball Storage: Stretch a series of bungee cords up the side of the garage, securing it at the top and bottom a short distance from the wall. Balls can then be stacked vertically and easily removed or placed back.

4. Suspended Shelving: Suspend flats of wood from your ceiling, hanging down a few feet so as not to interrupt your parking. This is an ideal space to store seasonal items that do not need constant access.

5. Screwdriver Rack: Keep screwdrivers organized by securing a wooden shelf, then drilling a row of holes through the middle. Then, place the screwdrivers in from the top with the handles easily accessible.

6. Garden Supply Organization: Cut short pieces of PVC pipe and secure them in a row to the wall. Slide hoes, shovels, rakes and other garden tools into them, labeling each piece storage piece accordingly.

7. Wooden Corral: Another option for vertical storage of shovels and other such tools is to recycle wooden pallets into a rectangular corral. Section it off to create a zone for balls, bats, golf clubs and hockey sticks, as well.

8. Shoe Rack for Odds and Ends: Hang a pocketed shoe rack on the wall to store small miscellaneous items such as seeds or paint swatches. It can also be used to house cans of spray paint and small bottles.

9. Ladder Rack: Suspend two racks from the ceiling at a distance that is a couple feet shy of your ladder length. Store ladders securely overhead and open up floor space.

10. Peg Board Sliders: Cut peg boards down and store them on end in tall, thin spaces beneath your workbench. Add pegs on which to store flat items such as saws and rulers.

Your garage does not have to be a source of chaos and disorganization. Implement these tips to create a Zen work space that is easy to keep clean and clutter-free.