Choosing The Best Shower Screen For Your Needs

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Everything you will place in your house, from that potted plant to that innocent counter, plays a huge role in keeping you comfortable. The shower screen is one such structure that you need to consider as well. It has much to do with style yes, but the functionality is something to ponder upon too. That is why before you get your best quality shower screens Sydney, read this first. Factors to consider:

Level of Maintenance Needed

Though it is placed in the bathroom and deals with water, the shower screen still needs to be cleaned regularly. Grime and dirt can still collect in it, particularly in the frame. This brings us to the frames that you will choose. The ease of cleaning depends on whether you are getting the frameless, semi frameless, and fully framed type.

  • Frameless- Easier to clean but more expensive. It also gives a more spacious look to your bathroom.
  • Semi-frameless- Less expensive but more difficult to remove the grime collected.
  • Fully Framed- Is the cheapest of the three. Also the hardest to clean because of the nook and cranny the dirt can burrow itself into.

Space of the Bathroom

Like any other door, shower screens have different methods of opening. It can be forward, backward, through the side, or whatever you can come up with. Depending on the size of the bathroom, the screen should be aimed to suit your need. A door that swings forward/outward requires more space than others. Bi-fold types and sliding doors are ideal too since it does not take too much space, though the latter can be stuck if you do not maintain it.

Privacy for The Owner

Bathroom screens can tinted, semi-tinted, or clear. Choosing among these will help you keep your privacy when bathing. Keep in mind that though there is the main bathroom door, sometimes people can still barge in while you are in the shower, especially if you share the bathroom.

Shower screens provide beauty, functionality, and space in your bathroom. It is not a simple structure but something that will help enhance your home. Decide wisely before buying one from trusted manufacturers because you do not want to be caught with something you don’t need.