Designing the Perfect Kitchen

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Kitchen by far is the most work up place in every house. It’s the part of the house that seems to be always occupied. That is one reason that the kitchen should be design perfectly to fit the owner’s personality and needs.

Big or Small

It’s true that whether you have a big or small kitchen, storage space is the number one concern for most owners. So many things are kept inside the kitchen like pots, pans, spoons, forks, knifes and other kitchen utensils. So one of the first part of designing a perfect kitchen is to know and to be able to use and maximize every space available.

Storage Dilemmas

Depending on your preference you can have a floor to ceiling build for kitchen storage. This will give ample space to store all utensils. Or if you prefer to you can simply make use of countertops and island table to display and keep all or at least some of the kitchen utensils. Open shelves that are mounted on the wall is another storage option. For this type you can also turn it into storage and a display case.

The Color Scheme

The color inside the kitchen is very important. It should be bright as this is the place where you prepare foods and sometimes eat. Neutrals is one of the best options for the color scheme. But you can still add some colors into the room with the help of accessories and furnishing used inside the room like curtains and tables and chairs.

You can mix and match colors on chairs and other displays to add life and a pop of color to the room. Add decorative pieces here and there like a painting of your choice or a nice looking wall clock that can complement the room’s neutral design.

A perspective of a perfect kitchen varies from person to person. But one thing remains always the same. A perfect kitchen most of the time means not one with extravagant equipments around but a room that looks pleasing to the eyes where you can do what you love most doing which to cook.