Mattresses – The Essential Guide

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A good night’s sleep is essential to living a healthy and productive life. However, if you have the wrong mattress you may not be getting the rest you need. Buying a new mattress is largely about personal preference, so here is what you need to know to navigate the hundreds of available mattress models.

Know Your Size

It may seem obvious, but you don’t want to forget this important step. Before you begin shopping for mattresses, measure the diameter of your bed frame to ensure that any mattress you buy fits within them. If you plan to put your mattress on box springs on the floor, you should also measure how much space you have in your room and choose a set up that is the right size.

Consider Different Materials

Memory foam is the latest development in mattress technology. However, good old-fashioned box springs are still alive and well. Unless you have problems with back pain or other issues that may require a more expensive foam mattress, chances are good you can save some money by finding a spring mattress that meets your requirements.

Choose A Support Setting

Mattresses range from extra-firm to extremely soft. Unless a doctor has recommended a certain kind of mattress, you are generally free to choose the support setting that works for you. Be warned, however, that while soft mattresses may sound like the final word in comfort, firmer mattresses often help alleviate aches and pains.

Look at Different Constructions

Different types of mattresses may feel more or less comfortable depending on how you prefer to sleep. For example, if you sleep on your side, you may want a model with a little more give, since you need it to conform to the curve of your body. If you sleep on your stomach, consider a mattress with a firmer top to keep it from feeling smothering when you sleep on it. Those who sleep on their backs can get by with either construction.

Take Any Other Considerations into Account

If you tend to have fabric allergies, consider a hypo-allergenic mattress to keep them from flaring up in the middle of the night. If you sleep with your partner, and they prefer a very different construction from you, consider shelling out a little extra for an adjustable mattress with independent sides. It may be well worth it for you to both sleep comfortably.

Once you get your new mattress home, you may be amazed by how much better you sleep at night, and how much better you feel during the day.