Trash Receptacles Come in a Wide Variety

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Rubbermaid trash receptacles include small household or office wastebaskets up to larger containers that are used outdoors. That enables you to have the convenient and useful containers in each room of your home as well as in outside locations such as a patio or garden area. You could choose from a selection of many different styles, sizes and colors for each one to go along with your decor, if you so desire!

Rectangular seamless soft-sided plastic wastebaskets are available in numerous sizes and colors. They are molded of high-quality polyethylene for durability and strength. They will not leak, dent or rust, and they have a rolled rim for easy pick-up.

Desk-side soft and easy to clean wastebaskets with tops and rolled rims to add strength provide convenient waste management. They fit under the standard desk height even when the swing top is fully extended. The untouchable top allows hygienic disposal without reducing the wastebasket capacity.

Step-on containers made of very durable and puncture resistant plastic construction does not chip or rust. The tight-fitting lid overlaps and aids in containing odors. The step pedal is heavy-duty and gives sanitary hands-free use. You can include an optional available rigid liner in order to provide a base that won’t leak.

The Rubbermaid Executive BRUTE Caddy Bag would be appreciated by your housecleaning crew. It provides transport and storage for bottles, brushes, gloves, liners, dust pans, and various needed cleaning supplies. It is especially designed for 20, 30, and 44 gallon containers. The durable vinyl material allows for easy cleaning.

For your recycling needs, a 41 ¼ quart desk-side recycling container is designed to be used along with existing office containers and accessories. It has the permanent universal hot-stamped recycling logo.

If you want something larger for outside, the Rubbermaid® 18-gallon recycling box is made from post-consumer recycled resin (PCR). It withstands harsh weather and heavy use and will not crack, dent or bow. Inboard handles allow for easy lifting and carrying. meeting municipality container requirements. Easy to clean. The design and texture prevent the build-up of debris and liquid and provide an easy to clean product.