Short Ways in Bathroom Decoration

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In decorating your home, there is only one room that is hard to decorate and it is the bathroom and the only reason is that it the only tiny area around the house. But this area is still the highest traffic that needs a big space for storage and trying to adapt the size of your bathroom to make it useful can be hard for decorators of your home. Now let’s read about the function of a bathroom and talk about the fashionable accessories and decors and the best color you want.

Avoid Pedestal

Today pedestal sins are famous because a lot of people love its looks. But if you have a small bathroom, it will take your storage elements. Traditional vanity can be considered when you start from planning a renovation. It is perfect in keeping you items such as brushes and cleaners.

Have a wall space

Any bathrooms need to have unused wall space and it is should be made to shelving when you have a small storage area. You can also make it double row for your short shelves next to your mirror. It can also be a triple row of long shelves all the way to your unused wall. When you add shelves to your wall, you should know that it is a simple task that doesn’t need technical expertise.

The outside sink

You may have a narrow bathroom with sink on one side and your shower/tub and the toilet on another side. Now it is easy to walk inside the bathroom because you have enough places to stand and enough places for your toiletries, cleaners and towels. So when you step back you can easily reach your sink in an open space.