Home Lighting Design Guide

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Good lighting can make a huge difference in the interior design of your home. It can make your home more inviting, comfortable, and functional. If you have lots of questions in mind on how to create good home lighting, you may want to consider the simple guide below.

Choosing Light Fixtures

The selection of light fixtures can be overwhelming. There are several types of fixtures to choose from. However, you also need to know the right places where you can use them. You just don’t buy them and place them just about anywhere in the house. Surface mounted fixtures are ideal for bedroom and hallways. Pendant lights, on the other hand are usually used in kitchen island. Just make sure to pick the one with Energy Star logo so you can reduce your power consumption and save money.

Types of Lighting

There are three types of lighting that you can use. If you want to highlight a specific area or design, you can use track lighting as it illuminates your specific targets. But, if you want a more dramatic effect, you may use accent lighting. This ambient type of lighting sets the mood for the room by creating hotspots to enhance certain features or details such as fireplace, painting, and alcove. Last but not the least is the general lighting, which is the most commonly used type of lighting as it provides overall illumination.

Choosing the right type of lighting and light fixtures is important as it can significantly change the appearance and atmosphere of your home. It adds elegance and style to your home. So get it right by planning ahead of time before you start your home lighting project.