Making a Modern Home Feel More Traditional

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Getting on the property ladder has become increasingly more difficult in recent times, with house prices being significantly higher than in previous years and a lot of property being purchased by investors to rent out. When it comes to buying a house, there are huge considerations to be made.

Although some modern houses aren’t quite built with the same charm and durability of more traditional houses, buying one has huge benefits. For example, you’ll often need a much smaller deposit, and you can get a reduced price for purchasing prior to the development being completed. It’s also nice to have everything, well, new. You won’t find any marks on the walls or have to replace anything anytime soon.

If you’ve always dreamed of a traditional home, but it’s looking more likely that you’ll have to go for something modern, try not to worry. There are some simple design tips and tricks to give a brand spanking new home a nice lived in feel, and we’ve compiled a list just for your benefit.

Flooring and furniture

Whether you’re buying a house that hasn’t yet been built, or moving into a new home, your first port of call will be the floor. With houses that haven’t yet been built, you may be able to pay extra to have whatever floor you want put down before you occupy the home, saving yourself a job and potentially money. If someone is moving out for you to move in, try and get the floor sorted before you start filling the house with your stuff. You want to go for a nice old looking wood, something aged and treated to a shade of your choosing.

The same goes for the furniture, you want something traditional looking and reflective of the period and look you’re trying to achieve. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it can make, you can really take the new edge off a property with just a few nice furnishings.

Radiators and Doors

One thing that often goes noticed are the fixtures and fittings within a new home. You want to look at everything that perhaps looks more modern than you would like it too. Radiators are a big one, as they’re present in every room in the house. Companies like CNM Online stock traditional radiators, and they can often be fitted to the existing pipework with little hassle. If you can’t afford to have new radiators fitted straight away then take a look at radiator covers, these are a great temporary fix and shouldn’t break the bank.

Another quick fix that makes a noticeable change is the doors in each room. With modern doors you’ll always have a modern feel, whereas with a nice oak wood door you’ll achieve the look you want. The good thing about an oak door is it can be treated or painted to suit whatever decorative style you go for, and again, you should be able to speak to the developer and have these fitted when it’s being built. Often you’ll just be able to pay the difference.

Fixtures and Fittings

The bathroom is a great place to make minor changes for maximum impact. A traditional stand alone bath looks amazing, but truth be told, it can be an expensive change. If you can’t afford to change the tub, why not change the taps and the shower head for more traditional fixtures. You can get some incredible bits and pieces online or in some retail stores, and alongside some nice tiling work you can create a fantastic reflection of a more traditional bathroom. The same goes for mirrors and medicine cabinets, just by changing the fixtures and fittings you’ll have a completely different looking room.

Kitchens can be a little more tricky, as you’re often given vinyl covered worktops and cabinets. If you’ve got the budget, you’d be better off replacing any cupboards with painted wooden pieces, and having some shelving put in for spices which should stay on display. You can get some great traditional toasters, kettles and even cookers if you have the funds available.

Things to Add

If you are buying a brand new home, make sure you speak to the developer or the agent, as you may be able to save money on them putting any fixtures or carpets you don’t want in. You can usually choose different packages and looks, so consider how these will best suit your overall goal.

If you aren’t moving into a brand new home but it’s still fairly modern, try to give yourself a few days overlap so you can do any big decorative jobs and fit any flooring before you enter. It’s so much easier to get everything done before your stuff is there.

Shop around for your furniture and fittings, check charity shops, antique shops and do some research on upcycling bits and pieces you may already have. You can often completely change the look of modern furniture with a bit of paint, especially if it’s made from a nice solid wood. Pinterest is your friend, use it!