How to Maintain Your Wood Furniture

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Wood furniture is found in most household. They are mostly made up of maple, pine, and oak. Whether you invest in expensive furniture or the cost-effective ones, proper care and maintenance is important to keep them at their best condition.

  1. Dust Regularly – One of the most recommended ways to clean your wood furniture is to dust regularly. Dust creates buildup over time and can affect the wood’s finish. As much as possible, try dusting frequently using a dry, soft cloth because some furniture are sensitive to water, causing the wood to warp.
  2. Cover With Table Cloth – Cover your furniture with table cloth if you are planning to place it near your window where it can be exposed to sunlight. Too much exposure to sunlight can darken the color of the light-colored furniture and lighten the dark-colored ones.
  3. Re-wax Your Furniture – Re-wax your furniture using a paste or carnauba wax and let it set for 15 minutes. Doing this can add luster and shine to your furniture. Polish it using a dry cloth until it feels smooth. You can re-wax your furniture every six months.

If you want your wood furniture to last for a longer time, maintaining it shouldn’t be too much of a chore. They maybe quite durable, but they still need to be properly taken care of as they add value to your home, especially if they are made of great quality wood materials. So maintain its beauty and value your investment by considering those easy ways mentioned above.