Designing Future Memories

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If you and your family are excited about the home you live in, and love snapping photos in it, you’re going to love documenting those wonderful memories in the great books that you can have printed out at Shutterfly.

There’s nothing quite like designing your own home and interior space. Did you let your family give some input on the process? If your family didn’t quite have the skill necessary for giving their input on your interior space, it could be worth involving them on helping create your feature memories and photo album.

You don’t need the help of a professional photographer if you have the creative genius of the children of an interior designer (whether amateur or professional is unimportant here- the important part is how creative you are). Take your kid on a walk around your newly remodeled or built home, and imagine a few great photo shoot locations. When you and your partner have time, have the whole family dress up for a family photo shoot. The added bonus here is, you don’t even have to get into the car. Since you’re shooting the photos in your own home, you can really get creative with what items, pets, or other items to involve in shooting your family’s photos.

When you have taken enough photos, it’s time to start editing. Be selective – if you’ve taken enough, thanks to a digital camera, you shouldn’t have to be content with photos where some individuals have their eyes shut or others aren’t smiling. Be sure to select the best photos before moving onto the next stage.

Finally, when it comes to making future memories, there is nothing that says family memories like flipping through the family photo album. While it may seem a little old-fashioned, Shutterfly is helping ensure that people have access to family photos and memories for years to come. Shutterfly will help you and your family print out the family photos you so lovingly crafted. Assemble the photos in an album, on a mug, on a bag, or elsewhere. The important part is that you and your family will appreciate each other and the photo shoot day you had together for a long, long time to come.