How Small Home Improvements Can Dramatically Change Your Home’s Value

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Most home improvement projects will affect the value of your home, but some may not be worth the expense. Often, people spend large amounts of money on projects like refurbishing the kitchen and adding fancy counter-tops, but these changes don’t always add up to a higher home value. However, there are small improvements that a homeowner can make that can pay off will big results. Here are three examples of projects that don’t cost a huge amount but can seriously increase your home’s resale value.

First, consider upgrading your bathroom for a bigger impact that upgrading your kitchen, at a lower cost. Add some paint and consider replacing the toilet seat. If you go for tub refinishing Chapel Hill NC, use a reputable company like Carolina’s Tub Doctor for quality results for a reasonable cost. Replace old fashioned fixtures without a lot of expensive tiling or materials. You may even consider installing a bidet for a high-end luxury feel for a reasonable price.

Next, look at your lighting, as see if you can make small changes that dramatically shift the way your space is perceived. Out of date features like track lighting can make your home look unpleasant or artificial. You can replace this will softer indoor lighting without a lot of expense. One smart idea is installing dimmer switches on your lights, which can make a room look beautiful no matter what how the natural lighting outside changes. Illuminate dark corners to increase the appearance of space, and use lighting to highlight the attractive elements in your home.

Finally, your landscaping may be the most important investment that you make, since so much of your home’s value depends on its curb appeal. Hire a landscape artist that has experience in your area, or do a lot of research before trying this project yourself. Choose landscaping that does not require a lot of maintenance and looks good all year round. This can make your home look inviting no matter what the season, and can dramatically increase the value of your home.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers in the future. Smaller changes, like redoing your bathroom, lighting, and landscaping, can have a big impact. It’s worth it to do these home improvement projects when you see the results they have.