Top Signs You Need a New Roof

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Many people overlook some of the common signs that they need roof repairs until it is too late. You may not even think twice about the overall condition of your roof until you see a leak form over your bed or in your hallway. A leaky roof doesn’t necessarily indicate that you need a brand new roof though. This may indicate that you need new underlayment or some new shingles. A roofing contractor Severn MD can do a full inspection of your roof, but you may want to look at some of the top signs that you need a new roof before that inspection.

Missing and Damaged Shingles

Though some think of damaged shingles as those that are broken or cracked, this can also refer to those that buckle or curl. When you get up on the roof, look for shingles that have a concave or convex look and those with curled edges. These signs can all indicate that you need to replace your roof. You should also look for any patches on your roof where there are no shingles and for any shingles in your gutters or on your lawn. Missing shingles are a common sign that you need a new roof.

Peeling Paint and Wallpaper

You might not think that the interior of your house relates to the roof, but some types of damage on the walls and ceiling can relate to the roof. If there are cracks or holes in the underlayment, any rain or snow that falls on the roof can move through those gaps, put pressure on your ceiling and eventually let water through. That water can settle on the ceiling or drip down inside the walls. This causes wet patches to form on the inside of your home and may cause the wallpaper or paint in that room to peel away from the walls or ceiling.

Age of the Roof

The biggest sign that you might need a new roof is the overall age of the roof itself. Most roofs today come with a warranty that protects the work and materials for 20 to 30 years, but some materials like metal can last for twice as long or longer. If your roof is at least 20 years old, you may need a total replacement. Call a contractor to inspect your roof and decide on the work that you need.