Metal Carports for RVs

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Why do you need a metal carport for your RV? Whether you have a camper or a motor home, an RV is an expensive investment. Protecting it from the elements is extremely important.

What Protection do Metal Carports Provide?

The summer sun can be especially harsh on any type of vehicle. The UV rays cause the paint to fade prematurely. Not only does this look bad but it can affect the value of your RV. The paint is only one aspect that is damaged by the sun. It can also have an effect on rubber trim and other parts such as the headlights and taillights. A metal carport can protect your RV so it looks new longer.

Winter weather can be damaging to your RV as well. Many RVs have a sunroof and the constant accumulation of snow can cause problems. Snow and ice can pile up on awnings that slide out keeping them from opening and closing properly. Slide-outs are prone to damage too. A metal carport can keep the snow and ice from accumulating and standing on the roof and other parts of the recreational vehicle.

An rv carport can help to protect your motor home from theft and vandals. Typically vandals and thieves will choose a target that is out in the open or even in a garage if it is easily accessed rather than in a carport. Your RV is more visible in a carport to you and your neighbors. Loading the RV when you are ready to go on a trip is more convenient when it is parked in a carport. It protects you from the hot sun and if it is raining, you can stay dry.

What Other Advantages do Carports Offer?

Carports for RVs such as the ones at New Deal Metal Buildings are designed to fit your recreational vehicle. Garages are often not tall enough for these vehicles and you do not want to risk tearing up your roof. If they can be maneuvered into the garage, it is very likely that nothing else will fit. This would leave your car in the driveway or on the street for the duration.

Since most carports are made from galvanized steel, they are not prone to some of the problems of other types of carports. They are safe from termites, rodents, and fire. The galvanized steel is not conducive to corrosion because it has a coating made from zinc. These carports, when anchored correctly, are very sturdy, particularly in high winds.