Nifty Tricks For Cooling Your House

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Unless you are living in the Arctic, things are bound to get hot at one point or another, especially at summer. One good way of cooling down the house is by means of AC. However, you cannot have it on 24/7 because of electric bills. If you want to find a cheaper solution, here are nifty tricks for lessening the warmth inside.

Turn The Lights Off

This applies not only to the lights, but any electric items that are currently not in use. Because appliances uses energy, it tends to become hot. By turning off the lights and unplugging your technology, you are lessening the heat inside the house. It is also a good way to save money and the environment because you are not contributing to the carbon footprint and the small radiation released.

Make The House Breathable

Cramped spaces with barely no room to walk around is warmer. Hot air is trapped inside with no way to escape. For this reason, you have to make sure that the furniture’s are arranged in such a way that air can easily pass through the house and in each room. You are doing yourself a favor not only by cooling your home but having an easier access to the other rooms.

Shut The Curtains

Isn’t this counter intuitive because air cannot get inside? Not at all. You only have to shut the curtains at certain times of the day when the sun is beating down in that particular area. When it starts to become cooler in the afternoon, you can open it again to let the cool air come in.

Open Windows When Cooking

You will boil like a lobster and fry like the chicken you are cooking if you keep the windows closed. It is no secret that the house becomes warmer when cooking because energy is distributed in that space. Either you set a fan in that place and open the windows to avoid suffocation, or stop cooking altogether.
Cooling the house does not have to be expensive. There are still cheap and effective ways to do it. Tried and tested tricks like the ones given.