Increase Your Home’s Value by Pleasing Your Eye

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Whether you plan to sell your home in the near future or you simply want to be proud of the house you live in, curb appeal is very important. Having an attractive exterior increases your home’s value, and if you do intend to sell the property, the first impression potential buyers have when they pull up to your house is crucial.

Roof and Siding

The roof and siding are a large part of your home’s exterior appearance. Siding that is fading, cracked, or missing will bring down the home’s value and looks awful. The same holds true for the roof. In fact, the roof also offers protection to the house against the elements. Shingles should by intact, lying flat, and properly installed. If you are looking for roofing companies Long Island has many that can help you such as Installation Service & Repair Inc.

Sidewalks and Drives

Nothing makes a house look shabbier than to see cracked, uneven sidewalks or driveways. These areas lead people to your front door. They need to be welcoming with smooth surfaces that provide safety. Have walkways that are showing their age replaced. If the driveway is in good structural shape, you may be able to simply have it professionally cleaned to remove stains. Finish this part of your home improvements by also fixing patios and porches that are falling into disrepair.


Whether you plan to sell or stay in your home forever, you will be glad you upgraded the windows. New windows are much more energy efficient which will save you money on your heating and cooling costs. They also look nicer than windows with rotting frames or cracked glass. Best of all, many of today’s windows can tilt in for easy cleaning. This is a must for homes with a second story.

Taking the time to make these few exterior home improvements will make your house more pleasing to you and potential buyers. If someone is turned off by the curb appeal your home offers, they are going to be much less interested in seeing the interior. In the long run, investing in a pleasing appearance for your home will provide pleasure and pay off financially when it comes time to sell.