Baby’s Room Decor Ideas

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Baby’s become children in a blink of an eye. More often than not, we don’t have a lot of money to spend to transition a baby’s room to a child’s room. In these circumstances, it’s a good idea to use some savvy techniques to save money and reuse or repurpose as much as possible.

Paint Paint Paint

Painting is a power move when it comes to quickly changing a room’s appearance. It’s cheap and creates change almost instantly. It doesn’t take much to turn that baby blue or soft pink wall into a crisp clear periwinkle blue or modern cream color. This is often the first and biggest change needed to transition a baby’s room. This creates extra funds in the budget to purchase a child’s twin sized bed. The crib is usually the one piece of furniture that can’t be reused.

Reuse Furniture if Possible

The dresser and other small accessories can usually remain a part of the furniture ensemble in a room that you are transitioning. Of course, a crib must go, but the dresser will probably work and may just require a quick paint job. Curtains and other details can be easily changed and are generally not very expensive. You can get quite creative in this area. If you wanted to use treated wood poles as a highly creative material to decorate a room you could. Furniture can be made over and you can also use uncommon materials as well, as long as they are safe for children.

Add Small Touches to the Existing Room

Pillows, posters, and other accessories can easily be used to make the final transitioning touches to your child’s room. This will not break the bank. A few posters, an interesting lamp, and a toy box can actually complete a child’s room.

Don’t overthink transitioning a baby room to a child’s room. This can actually be done quite quickly and easily. A nice paint job, a new bed and a few well-placed accessories are all you really need. These touches won’t rob you either. Be creative and reuse as much furniture as possible. Generally, the only piece of furniture that can’t be reused is the crib. However, other pieces of furniture can be repurposed and reused. You may decide to paint the furniture you are reusing or repurpose it as is. Whatever you do, let your creative juices flow.