Guide for Buying an Antique Dining Furniture

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Dining furniture such as antique dining tables are the most sought. Most people chose to have an antique dining table for their dining furniture. But if you choose to have a dining table that is antiques, then you might want an idea about the price. Here are the types and guides in buying antique dining furniture.

Type of Antique Dining Furniture:

Antique dining tables from the year 1760 up to 1800s are very much expensive which are on rows of pillars. Normally in length, there are two and four pillars of an antique dining table and in 1790 an antiques twin pillar was one of the examples. Each pedestal, this type of dining furniture has a fixed leaf with the support of clips and loppers and the maximum length of this dining table is 8 feet. Georgian dining table is the best one for your dining furniture.

The Timber Dining Furniture:

Generally at this period, the timber type of dining furniture is very good. It can extend high up to 20 feet especially with the addition of pillars. Today, the antique dining furniture is now extending dining tables that are made of mahogany. The Victorian and Georgian dining furniture before had pull-out mechanisms.

The prices of antique dining furniture may vary and the key points in pricing may come from its length, period, originality, width, color and quality. The length of the dining furniture is very important so choose wisely. Antique dining furniture can be bought from £7,500 – £100,000 plus and it is depends on the originality of the table and the number of the pillars.