Signs of a Toilet Leak

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Though most people think that they will see leaking toilet and know when to call a plumber, a toilet that leaks can actually have a problem with the pipe that extends from the wall. The water that builds up is not visible to the naked eye until the water actually comes through the wall. Leaks can form because the toilet does not sit flush with the floor, because of rusting on the pipe or because of cracks in the toilet. Knowing how to identify signs of a leaking toilet helps you know when to call plumbers to avoid costly repairs later.

Musty Odor

One sign you should look out for is a musty odor in your bathroom. Musty odors are commonly found in bathrooms where people use the same towels or mats. The odor builds up due to the build up of bacteria on those surfaces, but the scent can also relate to mildew growing on the shower walls and mold growing inside the walls. If you clean your bathroom and use deodorizing products but still smell the same musty odor, you may have a leaking toilet on your hands.

Wet Walls and Floors

Always check the walls and floors for any wetness. The water that you notice on the floor that surrounds the toilet is a clear sign that the toilet has a leak. This water can build up each time that you flush, but if you have a leak in the bowl, the water will spill out each time the bowl fills back up. If the floor feels dry to the touch, try touching the wall behind the toilet. When a leak occurs inside the wall and grows, the wall behind the toilet tank will feel wet.

Lack of Water in the Bowl

Before calling plumbers Tampa Florida residents may want to check out the toilet bowl itself. After you flush the toilet, let the bowl fill completely to the top. Use colored chalk to mark the top level of the water. Leave the room for 15 to 20 minutes, come back and see if the water is up to that line. If there are any cracks or holes in the bowl, the water will leak out and cause the water level to drop. Calling a plumber lets you get the professional repairs needed to stop the leaks in your toilet and repair the damage the leak left behind.