Light Up Your World

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The outside of your home can be lit up throughout the year with a few simple landscape lighting ideas. An exterior lighting Winter Park company can come to the home to look at the size of the yard and the best materials that could be used to deliver the best results. When you’re designing the landscape lighting, you want something that is appealing to the eye and that will provide a security function as well.

If you have a gazebo in the yard or if there is an area with a swing or furniture, then consider installing lights above the furniture or on the ground to shine like a spotlight. Use bulbs that aren’t too bright so that there is a soft glow while outside. Another option for adding light to the exterior of the home is to put solar stake lights or small lights along pathways so that they are lit, providing safety at night. A lit pathway also adds a beautiful appeal in the yard if there are flowers or bushes that are in the background.

Create a different look by using lights that are different designs. One type of light could be used on one side of a driveway while another type could be used on the other side. You could also mix the types of lights that are used on the eaves of the home or on the front porch to showcase your personality on the outside of the home just as much as you do on the inside.

Sometimes, all you need are a few lights outside to make a huge impact. The placement of the lights that you use is often more important than the number of lights that are used outside. A simple idea would be to position lights in front of the trees in the yard, highlighting their natural beauty at night. Every part of the exterior of the home doesn’t need to be lit. Highlight the front of the home as well as a few entry points in the backyard as a way to combine security features and an illuminating glow that is pleasing to view.