The Bathroom Vanity Of Your Dream

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Wouldn’t you wish that there is one piece of bathroom storage furniture that can hold everything you need without taking up too much space? This by far is one of every person’s dream. To find a certain piece which is more than enough for every knick knacks you have.

An essential part

Every bathroom must have a vanity. Its basically part of the room. Finding the right one to suit your needs is the hard part of it. You may want a bigger vanity to put everything and keep clutter at bay. But what if your space doesn’t allow for bigger vanity style? One thing that one must learn is to work with what they have instead of working against it. if you have a small space look for a smaller vanity and you can always add a couple of storage shelves if you want to.

However if you choose to ditch the vanity and instead put in a couple of open shelves mounted on the wall, it is perfectly fine. Its your space and you have every right to do what pleases you.

Create your Own

If in case you haven’t found anything you like you can always make something that you want. You can ask a professional builder or someone you know who knows how to do such things and have them build you a customized one. That will surely be a pricey one but if you get the style and design of your choice, the price would definitely be worth it.

If you don’t have that much budget for a customized one you can simply transform old vanities or cabinets into a new and stylish looking bathroom vanity by giving it a new finishing look. paint it a new color or ad a couple of touch up like changing the handle bars.

Bathroom vanities are a big help in solving storage problem inside the bathroom. One way to keep it looking nice and clean is to avoid unnecessary clutter on top of it. A clean space is always something nice to look at and it can make the room look brighter.


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