Trendy Kitchen Ideas

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If you’re ready for that kitchen remodel or update that you’ve been dreaming of, there some new trends for you to consider implementing in your design. Keep in mind that regardless of how minimal or intensive your plans are for your kitchen, your main focus should be on creating a kitchen that supports your cooking style, your lifestyle and your comfort level.

Kitchen Flooring

Tile flooring is the latest trend in kitchen flooring options. With options that range from neutral colored tiles in subdued patterns to vibrant tiles that make a personal design statement, there’s a tile for any décor plan. The Chevron pattern is quite trendy as are geometric patterns. Darker colored floors are also popular and are being paired with light colored walls and cabinets. Designers at tiles Kissimmee fl can assist you in choosing the tile flooring that will complement your overall kitchen design.

Moving Beyond Neutral and Gray

Now is the time to liven up the color scheme in your kitchen. If dark or bold colors are not your style, there is an option other than neutral that is likely to appeal to you. Instead of using gray for your cabinets, go with a blue-gray, purple-gray or green-gray to add an attractive, yet subtle bit of color to your kitchen. Any of those variations of gray would be complementary to the trendy black or dark gray appliances.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Two-tone cabinets are very trendy. They make an impressive visual impact on a kitchen design. Glass-front cabinets continue to be a popular choice. However, this is not a choice you should make unless you are certain that you can keep the interior of the cabinets looking pristine. Custom and semi-custom cabinetry enable you to create a cabinet arrangement that provides the type of storage you need to maintain a well-organized kitchen. The countertop you select should be one that complements the color scheme in your kitchen. It should also be made of a material that is durable enough to support your cooking style and lifestyle.

One of the most popular 2018 trends involves the inclusion of a kitchen island. The island is no longer just a place for preparing food. It has evolved into a place that invites family and friends to gather. The new island design features an eating area as well as a food preparation space.


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