Warm Your Interior With Southwestern Decor

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You can bring a rustic look to your home even if you live in a modern condo in the middle of a large city. The Southwestern touch doesn’t necessarily mean cow print couches and cacti everywhere. It’s warm, it’s cozy, and it can be fresh and contemporary or as rural as you please. Whether you want to take it all the way or just add accents like Southwestern rugs from a company like Roth Rugs, options are as unlimited as the sky over Texas.

Southwestern Color Schemes

Color is an important element, not only for breaking-up the potential monotony of a desert landscape inside your home, but also because of tradition. It is said that the Spanish introduced bold colors that were influenced by the land itself as a way of warding off evil spirits.

The Southwest combines Spanish-style architecture and colors with Native American accents. They are warm and earthy: the colors of sand, Terra cotta and pale azure skies. These muted tones provide a neutral palette over which you can place dark brown, black and white or the bolder reds, oranges, yellows and turquoise.

Accents and Furnishings

Think light- to medium-colored woods, natural stone tiles and accents like large area rugs in bold geometric or native prints. Wood furniture and accents like exposed beams are characteristic of this style. The furniture and wooden structures of this region are built from trees that populate the area. They are classified as ‘tough wood species’ and are very durable. Typically, you’ll find pine, hickory, oak and cherry wood. They mellow with age even if unfinished, and look more gorgeous the longer you have them.

Spaciousness is a hallmark of Southwestern architecture, echoing the expansive landscapes of New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. Picture large rooms, high ceilings and a focus on the outdoors. Stones tiles are attractive in any setting, with lighter tones opening up smaller areas or providing a warm glow throughout an open floor plan while adding intimacy. Liven up the decor with accent pieces like strategically placed vases in bold red or yellow or rustic planters with bright flowers. A large rug can act as a focal point and tie the room together.

Whether you redecorate your home yourself or hire an interior designer, bringing the look and feel of the Southwest into your home will add a little caliente to your life.


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